The White Mountain Room

of the Randolph Public Library

The White Mountain Room

The White Mountain Room of the Randolph Library is special for many reasons. It was named in memory of Susan Boothman Hawkins. She devoted much of her life to education, focussing on her love of New Hampshire and its history.
When the library was moved from the Old Schoolhouse, the Library Committee worked with the architect to design a room that replicated the main room of the schoolhouse in both size and design, including wainscoting and schoolhouse lights.


There are both circulating and non-circulating materials as part of the White Mountain collection, all unique to the White Mountains and Randolph. The library staff is available to assist with research on local history.

Non-circulating materials include:
Historical White Mountain books.
Appalachia Journal dating back to 1876
Archival materials from the Randolph Church, the Randolph Foundation, Boothman Collection, the Colloquy, papers pertaining to James B. Conant and Robert Underhill, anecdotes from Randolph families, and historical articles from various Randolph events.
Mountain View - First issue through present.
Map case contains many USGS maps, Randolph maps and more.


Circulating materials:
Books, pamphlets, journals pertaining to the history, natural history, ethics, art, and personalities of the White Mountains.
Field Guides to the White Mountains
Hiking Guides
Transcripts Randolph Oral Histories
Randolph History Project publications


There are no public access computers in the WMR, but patrons are welcome to bring their own personal device and connect to the Library wifi. There is comfortable seating, a work table, and a gas fired stove for your year-round comfort.

Gifts to the White Mountain Room:
If you have any materials that are of historical value or interest pertaining to the White Mountains or Randolph and would like to donate them to the historical collection, please contact us.
Types of materials would include personal and family papers from letters, diaries, scrapbooks; photos, biographical information, publications, books, etc.